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RinkNet is the leading hockey player management and scouting technology system. Founded in 1998, RinkNet has been providing hockey teams, leagues and related organizations with access to daily updated rosters, schedules and player information for virtually all leagues worldwide.

The RinkNet Player Management System has become the go-to technology for hockey scouting and player management. Our system is widely utilized in the hockey world, building an industry leading reputation for the best scouting tools and most manageable scouting information. Rank, analyze and obtain information from over a quarter million players in the RinkNet system.

RinkNet is a customizable system that allows our experienced staff to match scouting/coaching tools and other features with our clients’ current needs, providing the most beneficial user experience with our product.

In addition to offering powerful technology for teams, we also boast a full range of tools for leagues to organize their central registry, conduct league drafts, facilitate trades and transactions, all integrated with their own team system.

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