HockeyTech Testing

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HockeyTech Testing is a scientifically-based, standardized, elite testing service designed to evaluate hockey specific skills and athletic traits. Founded in 2006, as NEXT Testing and later renamed to HockeyTech Testing after acquisition, it is based on the most current science and sports research, bringing the latest equipment and protocols to bear in assessing and analyzing athletic performance potential.

HockeyTech Testing takes hockey testing to the NEXT level, with standardized tests measured by high tech precision sensors tracking players wearing RFID tags. Results are not just start and finish, but rather calculated with interval times, enabling scientific measurement of speed, acceleration, transition and reaction times. All results are summarized in an easily understandable and actionable format, including a single scored index called the HockeyTech Testing Index (HTI).

For the first time in hockey history, there is one universal test to measure every player on a truly level playing field – the HockeyTech Testing Index (HTI).

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