The HockeyTech Customer Success Promise

Every day we strive for perfection. We know perfection is difficult to achieve, but, we wake up every single day trying. Technology, processes, and people are not without their faults—but having an intense focus on doing whatever it takes is part of our DNA. It's an attitude... a demeanor... a way of thinking... It's putting our customers at the center of the universe. It's really all about you.

What are we willing to do for you?

We can't promise that things will not go wrong—we can promise to be there for you when it does. We have literally transformed the company to focus on you. There is no more reaching out to different support centres for different products. No more calling different departments for one request versus another. You will have one team, dedicated to you, invested in your success.

If ever there was a time for a hockey analogy it would be right now.

In the past we had a group of skilled individual teammates, all performing at their peak, but not necessarily working together. With the right coaching and systems in place, we have come together as a team focused on your success. Our approach will change as well. Our focus is not just to fix a short-term issue—it is a collaborative and consultative method with an emphasis on listening and understanding your needs.

Our commitment to you is to be:

  • Available: There is no such thing as a standard business day. Contact us anytime and get a live person.
  • Dedicated: Not just real people, but the right people. You will have a dedicated team focused on you.
  • Proactive: We won't wait until there's a problem. We will reach out to you to understand your challenges and how HockeyTech can help with those.
  • Resourceful: We will use every resource at our disposal to resolve any issue.