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Originally founded in 1998, RinkNet has become the most indispensable administrative tool for elite hockey leagues, teams, General Managers, coaches and scouts. This includes all 32 NHL teams, all 60 CHL teams, USHL and NCAA teams. It is the largest and most accurate hockey related database in the world! Secure and customizable, RinkNet provides users with the ability to quickly rank, analyze and obtain personal stats, information and playing schedules of over a quarter million players, all in one single platform. RinkNet is committed to furthering its technical advancements by developing new on and off-line tools to bring the power of this information to tablets and other mobile devices to allow for better player management and analysis in all arenas around the world.

Interested in our League and Team Operations Software?

Get the most out of our hockey rich database.


Gain access to search basic to in-depth player information in our all-encompassing database. Updated on a daily basis!


Gain access to industry leading player evaluations entered by our vast contingency of ISS Scouts who travel the world over, in search of elite players!


We cover over 13,500 hockey teams, over 1,000 tournaments and track over 250,000 hockey players each season!


Easily share information with your team personnel through your organization's unique and universal platform that is secure and up-to-date.


Plan your schedule by accessing updated daily team, league and tournament schedules. Never miss a game notification again!


Easily access past and present evaluations, lists and depth charts to help make future decisions.


Access our rich schedule database that consists of pre-season, regular season, playoff and tournament schedules. Plan your scouting trips by day, week or month. Filter by league, location, and even access player schedules!

Additional Scheduling Features:

  • Connect your hockey schedule to your personal phone or email calendar
  • Planning an overnight trip? Attach your hotel to your schedule from our Hotels Database
  • Access "Game Info" for each scheduled game to see which players you've indicated as "Priority" will be on the ice for that game
  • Share your schedule with your scouting staff to avoid or encourage overlap


Our lists and depth charts are essential pieces for any scouting staff and General Manager. Our integration of player reports and evaluations will help you build lists from position to region. They'll also help when viewing your depth charts to see how players flow in and out of your organization. All your scouting efforts will come together when you access Lists & Depth Charts. You'll be hooked!

Additional Lists & Depth Charts Features:

  • Restrict access to your lists by only allowing select staff view your list
  • Auto-Rate your list to base the rankings on all player reports and evaluations
  • Access multiple print layouts to bring to games or keep on file
  • Have the ability to access additional information on a player straight from your list or depth chart by clicking on their name


With our secure software, you'll be able to enter and read reports that are submitted into your database by you and your staff. Have the ability to attach reports to games or even players. Take those reports and get an overall rating. Yup...we've thought of it all.

Additional Player Report & Evaluations Features:

  • Ability to customize your report layouts to meet your scouting needs
  • Report on multiple players at a game
  • Access multiple print layouts to bring to games or keep on file
  • Download our "RinkNet for iPad" App that allows users to access our database to write player reports and evaluations on-the-fly


Looking for one platform to track and maintain your player information? We have the largest elite hockey database full of information for your organization to utilize. Track injuries, create priority players and search for the next 'Great One'!

Additional Player Features:

  • Access a player's game schedule to see when and where you can catch them on the ice
  • Gain additional insight by viewing ISS Hockey player reports straight from your database. Who knows, their third party perspective might help you make a big trade decision


Player Evaluations From An Elite Third Party Perspective

Gain access to an elite third party perspective on players worldwide. ISS Hockey (International Scouting Services) is the world's leading independent scouting and information provider on hockey prospects. ISS Hockey provides rankings, evaluations, game reports, player reports and player profiles exclusively available in the RinkNet database.

What type of information do I receive?

  • Over 50,000 player reports and evaluations on players worldwide
  • Past and present ISS Hockey NHL Draft Guides
  • ISS Rated Lists (i.e. European Free Agents, NHL Draft Prospects, CHL Import Draft prospects, etc.)
  • List of upcoming tournaments covered by ISS Scouts and More!