Tracking the On-Ice Movement of Puck and Players

Helping to advance the collection and application of on-ice player performance and data...

HockeyTech is committed to the development of advanced analytics technology to assist our clients to improve their scouting and coaching. On-ice tracking of players and their relationship to puck positioning is one area of research and development that HockeyTech is investing time and resources into. This data is an exciting new frontier for digital information in hockey.

We are proud to be at the forefront of this research by developing both hardware and software for partnering leading academic institutes, national governing bodies and development teams and leagues. This will allow them to physically acquire and disseminate, analytical insight and data that will help transcend this area of our sport.


Accurately measure the time each player spends on the ice, shift by shift and cumulatively throughout the game.


The actual distance each player skates by amount, shift by shift and accumulated over the course of an entire game. 


Our advanced tracking equipment will measure exact time puck possession is in play, by both team and individual players.


Our system tracks the exact location of where each player skates, tracking their on-ice path, shift by shift and cumulatively throughout the game.


Precise measurements of both maximum and average speed can now be tracked.


Ongoing technical development of an embedded RFID chip in each puck will give us game changing data in relation to player and puck positioning.


  • Puck and Player Tracking
  • TOI, Possession, Velocity, Direction, Zone, x-y-z (puck), Heart Rate
  • Faceoffs, Shots (Quality, Misses, Blocked) and Passes
  • Goals, Assists, Plus/Minus, Penalities, Shoot Outs, Penalty Shots
  • Turnovers, Odd Man Rush and Regroups

Want to be at the forefront of Player Tracking?

LIVING LAB: University of Waterloo | CIF Arena

HockeyTech installed our HockeyTech Analytics product in the Columbia Ice Fields Arena at the University of Waterloo. Installation occurred in March 2015 and has since been collecting data on games held at the location. We have used the help of the University of Waterloo Men's and Women's teams to create a living lab where we develop, test and provide elite analytics from game situations.

Our ongoing research, combined with our existing digital data services and tools, provide seamless integration for all Leagues, Teams, General Managers, coaches and admin staff.

These technical tools and our thorough hockey experience to date, are the foundation of the world’s most powerful hockey data company – HockeyTech.

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