HockeyTech and the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) Announce Multi-Year Technology Partnership  

HockeyTech + ACHA

HockeyTech will stream all ACHA Regional and National Championships on its HockeyTV channel, as well as provide its live scoring and statistics platform to nearly 500 men’s and women’s teams

Waterloo, Ontario & Troy, Michigan (April 14, 2021) – HockeyTech and the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) announced a multi-year technology partnership. HockeyTech will exclusively live-stream all ACHA annual Regional and National Championships on its HockeyTV channel. In addition, the ACHA and its member teams will use HockeyTech’s LeagueStat platform to live score and maintain league statistics. The partnership extends to all colleges within the ACHA, with nearly 500 teams becoming eligible to stream their regular league games on HockeyTV, as well as utilize HockeyTech’s integrated digital services such as websites and mobile apps.

Starting with the ACHA Nationals Championships beginning April 15, 2021, HockeyTech will exclusively stream all games. Friends, family, and fans of the ACHA can now watch the Championships, live and on-demand, exclusively on HockeyTV.

“The ACHA is the world’s largest college hockey association with nearly 500 teams in 3 Men’s and 2 Women’s divisions, and we are excited to bring them on to our platform to provide our state-of-the art digital services”,  said HockeyTech CEO, Stu Siegel. “We are most excited to connect their fans through viewing of live streaming games on our HockeyTV channel, with full integration with game, player, team and league statistics.”

All ACHA games will be scored on HockeyTech’s LeagueStat platform, where all game, player, team, and league statistics will be compiled and maintained. The Leaguestat platform is the most advanced and user-friendly live scoring and statistics system in hockey, providing a fully customized integration into league websites and mobile apps.

“The ACHA is very excited to partner with HockeyTech! Their LeagueStat product will provide the ACHA with a scoring and stat system that not only provides the digital information that our membership has been accustomed to over the years, but with so much more functionality and reporting features that our teams, players and fans will appreciate. Additionally, HockeyTV will provide the ACHA with a proven platform on which to showcase the ACHA’s marquee events", said ACHA Executive Director Craig Barnett. "With HockeyTech being a proven leader in the hockey industry when it comes to statistical information and data management, this partnership will be a critical component in promoting the excitement and growth of the ACHA as we continue to operate as the world’s largest college hockey association!”

The ACHA 2021 National Championships will be streaming live exclusively on HockeyTV from April 15, 2021 – April 20, 2021. Watch all the action live, and on-demand on HockeyTV with an All-Access Pass.


About HockeyTech

HockeyTech has been Digitally Powering Hockey since 2012. Founded by Stu Siegel, a technology entrepreneur, and former Florida Panthers (NHL) Managing Partner/CEO, HockeyTech has become a global leader in hockey-related technologies, partnering with over 75 leagues from around the world. HockeyTech provides on-demand streaming services, live scoring and statistics, full-featured league websites & mobile apps, and a fully automated camera technology. HockeyTech live streams tens of thousands of games annually on HockeyTV and offers over 130,000 games to watch on-demand. To learn more, visit


About the ACHA

The American Collegiate Hockey Association, the governing body for non-NCAA college hockey in the United States, is a recognized 501(c)3 organization of almost 500 college and university-affiliated programs which provides structure, regulates operations, and promotes the quality of collegiate ice hockey throughout 48 states and 2 Canadian provinces.  Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, the ACHA's primary mission is to support the growth and development of college hockey programs nationwide.  The ACHA identifies standards which serve to unite and regulate teams at the collegiate level and entered its 30th season in September 2020. For more information, visit