HockeyTech announces partnership with Amerigol International Hockey Association

HockeyTech partners with Amerigol International Hockey Association to bring a digital transformation to the growing game of ice hockey in Latin America and The Caribbean. 

Waterloo, Ontario (September 16, 2021) – HockeyTech, the leading global provider in hockey-related technologies, announces a partnership with Amerigol International Hockey Association to utilize HockeyTech services to increase accessibility and awareness of Latin American and Caribbean ice hockey. 

Amerigol International Hockey Association was founded in 2017 by Juan Carlos Otero to provide hockey players from Latin America and the Caribbean an opportunity to showcase their talent by participating in the Amerigol LATAM Cup, an annual tournament held in South Florida aimed at bringing North American exposure to players while promoting diversity and inclusion in the great game of Hockey.  

The 2021 Amerigol LATAM Cup brings Latin American and Caribbean hockey to North America, where players can proudly wear their native country’s uniform and represent their national flag for an exciting weekend of hockey on a large stage. The 2021 Amerigol LATAM Cup will be taking place from October 14-17, 2021 at the Florida Panthers IceDen in Coral Springs, Florida and will be streaming live and on-demand exclusively on HockeyTV. 

Streaming the 2021 LATAM Cup on HockeyTV brings a new level of awareness and accessibility to the Latin American and Caribbean hockey community. Friends, family and fans of the national teams now have the opportunity and ability to watch any game from the 2021 LATAM Cup live and on-demand, growing the network of Latin American and Caribbean hockey fans all over the world.  

“HockeyTech is proud to be a partner of the Amerigol International Hockey Association to help bring awareness and accessibility to the sport of hockey in Latin America and the Caribbean. Hockey has always been an inclusive sport, and all players, regardless of their nationality share the same love and passion for the game” said HockeyTech CEO, Stu Siegel. “HockeyTech is committed to providing Amerigol with all the digital services they need to grow the game of hockey within the Latin American and Caribbean communities.” 

The Amerigol LATAM Cup is the premier tournament for Latin American and Caribbean Hockey teams, providing players the opportunity to showcase their talent by playing for their National Teams on a large stage as well as open doors for playing in the US and Canada at all different levels of hockey.  With the Florida Panthers being a major partner of Amerigol, players from Latin America and the Caribbean have the opportunity to train and interact directly with NHL players, helping them develop, learn, and fuel LATAM players to continue their career in professional hockey  

“There is hockey in Latin America!  To grow the fan base and player participation within these communities in North America, we must invest in these countries and start developing players that will be the future of hockey in 15-20 years.” Said Amerigol President, Juan Carlos Otero. “Everything that hockey has and is - - the action, the speed, the dedication - - that's part of the DNA of the Latin and Caribbean community. It's a definite fit with the Latin and Caribbean community.”  

HockeyTech is committed to bringing a digital transformation to the Latin American and Caribbean hockey community and is looking forward to expanding on the video technology that is currently being used in those regions. Streaming all Amerigol events live on HockeyTV is the first step to building awareness and providing accessibility for fans to stay connected to the game. HockeyTech is looking forward to introducing the ViPr automated camera technology to Latin American and Caribbean teams, giving them the ability to stream games on HockeyTV directly from their own arenas. In addition to automated video streaming, ViPr technology allows teams to share practice sessions, player highlights, and development camps with organizations and scouts throughout North America to support players in their professional hockey careers. 

Players can download footage directly from HockeyTV to build a player resume, highlighting their best plays, elite skills, and most impressive goals which they can then share with scouts and teams. 


About HockeyTech 

HockeyTech has been Digitally Powering Hockey since 2012. Founded by Stu Siegel, a technology entrepreneur, and former Florida Panthers (NHL) Managing Partner/CEO, HockeyTech has become a global leader in hockey-related technologies, partnering with over 75 leagues from around the world. HockeyTech provides on-demand streaming services, live scoring and statistics, full-featured league websites & mobile apps, and a fully automated camera technology. HockeyTech live streams tens of thousands of games annually on HockeyTV and offers over 130,000 games to watch on-demand. 


About Amerigol 

The mission of the Amerigol International Hockey Assoc. is to provide hockey players in Latin America and the Caribbean the opportunity to showcase their talent and raise awareness of hockey in their countries, while at the same time growing the game within these same communities in North America. To learn more, visit