HockeyTech launches a new private video network – ViPr OPS


HockeyTech continues the digital transformation of ice hockey by providing a private video network – allowing teams to remotely schedule, record, clip, tag, analyze, and securely share content.

Waterloo, Ontario (July 13, 2021) – HockeyTech, the leading global provider in hockey related technologies, announces the release of the newest service in their lineup - ViPr OPS. ViPr OPS is an innovative new service available to hockey teams and leagues which enables them to remotely schedule, create, manage, and securely share videos on their own private video network.

“There was a clear gap we identified when it comes to being able to automatically capture the entire ice-surface and then being able to share that footage with team members regardless of where they are in a remote and secure manner.” said HockeyTech CEO, Stu Siegel. “HockeyTech continues the digital transformation of hockey leagues around the world through ViPr OPS by giving teams and leagues the ability to easily create, clip, tag, and share footage securely with players, team staff, coaches, scouts, medical support, and any other members remotely.”

Teams can now remotely schedule fully automated recordings of team practices and individual player drills to get a view of the entire ice surface allowing them to do a complete breakdown and review plays afterwards that they may have missed while on the ice. Video can be easily clipped, tagged, and securely shared with players, team staff, and coaches to easily guide player improvement and track player progress.

ViPr OPS brings a whole new level of remote-operable, unmanned video technology to player rehabilitation, coaching and conditioning tracking by easily sharing player sessions with medical teams regardless of where they are for in-depth analysis on a player’s rehabilitation progress and complete documentation of the process. Having a completely documented timeline of a players’ rehabilitation progress, medical staff can now utilize video to make the decision on when a player can safely return to play.

Coaches and Hockey Operations departments can now utilize ViPr OPS to change the way they review & analyze tryout camps and top prospects. ViPr OPS allows teams to review events from the vantage point of the entire ice surface, letting coaches see and break down every play as it unfolds to accurately assess talent. ViPr OPS simplifies the process of sharing top prospect footage by clipping, tagging and sharing with team scouting and coaching staff.

ViPr OPS is available in multiple packages to suit any team’s private video storage and secured streaming requirements and can be fully integrated with existing video clipping and tagging software. To learn more about ViPr OPS, contact


About HockeyTech

HockeyTech has been Digitally Powering Hockey since 2012. Founded by Stu Siegel, a technology entrepreneur, and former Florida Panthers (NHL) Managing Partner/CEO, HockeyTech has become a global leader in hockey-related technologies, partnering with over 75 leagues from around the world. HockeyTech provides on-demand streaming services, live scoring and statistics, full-featured league websites & mobile apps, and a fully automated camera technology. HockeyTech live streams tens of thousands of games annually on HockeyTV and offers over 130,000 games to watch on-demand. To learn more, visit