On-Ice Testing And It’s Importance


NEXT Testing offers cutting-edge technology for your players. Our take on skating evaluation will give you a different perspective of player development by providing your players with a way for them to obtain accurate results when pinpointing their strengths and deficiencies. Not only will the testing give them a way to achieve training benchmarks but they will also leave with a fun, challenging and team bonding experience.

NEXT Testing is integrated into RinkNet Player Management and Scouting System. All test results obtained from our various testing sessions are made available in our database that is accessible by 3,500+ users on a daily basis. Results are given directly to team decision makers.


Watch the video below to see Justin Almeida, 2014 Minor Hockey Player of the Year and Prince George Cougars (WHL) First Round Draft Pick 2014, as he takes to the ice and talks about the 14 standardized on-ice tests provided by NEXT Testing.